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September 1, 2014

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What CLEP, DSST, and ECE exams can I use for the ASN (RN) or BSN program for Excelsior College?

This chart shows the courses you need in order to achieve your ASN (RN) or BSN from Excelsior College. We have taken the liberty to fill in the elective courses to give an idea of what courses would satisfy the elective requirements. Don't forget, previous college credit can be accepted, so take advantage of the free transcript evaluation from your educational consultant. See our prices for the ASN course materials here...

ASN (RN) Requirements - 67 total credits

General Education Requirements - 31 credits
9 credits

*English Comp 6
†Ethics 3

Total credits 9
Social Sciences
6 credits

*Sociology 3
*Lifespan 3

Total credits 6
Natural Sciences
8 credits

*Anatomy & Phys 6
*College Math 6
*Microbiology 3

Total credits 15
8 credits

Excelsior Online Requirement - 1 credit
Information Literacy

Nursing Requirements - 36 credits
Nursing Courses
24 credits
Essentials of Nursing Care:
Health Safety 3
Health Differences ** 3
Chronicity 3
Reproductive Health 3
Health Differences Across the
Life Span 1 3
Life Span 2 3
Life Span 3 3
Transition to the Registered Professional Nursing Role 3

Total credits 24

FCCA Clinical
4 credits

CPNE Clinical
8 credits
You must enroll with Excelsior College before taking Essentials of Nursing Care: Chronicity or Nursing Concepts 3.

**(See note on Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Differences and Nursing Concepts 2)

Now you are ready to graduate,
pass the boards and move on to your BSN!

BSN Requirements - 121 total credits

General Education Requirements - 61 credits
The chart below shows 12 Elective hours chosen to fulfill the 'Arts & Sciences' requirement as well as the Nursing component. See our prices for the BSN course materials here...
18 credits

*English Comp 6
*Ethics 3
*Upper level expository writing 3
† Humanities 6

Total credits 18
Social Sciences
15 credits

*Sociology 3
*Lifespan 3
♦ Intro Psych 3
♦ Abnormal Psych 3
† History of US 1 3

† History of US 2 3

Total credits 18
Natural Sciences
15 credits

*Anatomy & Phys 6
*Microbiology 3
† General Biology 6

*Statistics 3
† Natural Sciences 6

Total credits 24
Excelsior Online Requirement - 1 credit Information Literacy

Nursing Requirements - 60 credits
Nursing Component
60 credits

Credit granted for prior learning validated by successful NCLEX-RN 30

Community-Focused Nursing
(See note on Community Health Nursing)
Management in Nursing 4
Research in Nursing 3
Professional Socialization Performance 3
Teaching Across Cultures 3
Health Assessment and Promotion in Nursing Practice 4
Baccalaureate Capstone Course (online through Excelsior College) 4
Nursing Elective 5

Total credits 60

Most colleges do not require you to take the general education courses in a specific order. Here is a suggested order from
  1. Life Span Development
  2. Introductory Sociology
  3. General Biology
  4. Anatomy and Physiology
  5. Microbiology
  6. Humanities
  7. English Composition with Essay

* General education required courses.
† Courses suggested by to fulfill elective requirements. Be sure to ask your educational consultant about other options.
♦ Mandatory depth requirement.